Naturebetic Herbal Remedy Hits Nigerian Market

Research has proven that tackling some strange and critical diseases savouring human existence especially since few decades ago has exceeds the rate of settling for the popular drugs and pills but to see into orthodox way of been healthy and sound in the oldies.

Inventions and manifestation of chronic diseases especially in the home of indigents bring about the births of Naturebetic Herbal Remedy, a traditional and naturally brewed drug saddled with the task of regulating blood sugar in diabetic patients, helping in relieving stomach upset, lower back ache, menstrual cramps and various infections.

An advantage that gives this product an additional score is its proximity and availability to all axis in Nigeria, Naturebetic Herbal Remedy is available in 7 medical outlets in Ilorin, 4 in Osogbo, also available in Ede, Ogbomosho, Ejigbo, and Lagos.

The Chief Executive Officer of Wamok Nigeria Limited, the producer and manufacturer of the NAFDAC approved product, Mrs Bello Munirat Kikelomo, a female pharmacist explained that she came up with this herb mixture to solve some health issues affecting Nigeria.

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Pharm. Bello Munirat said the product, which is pocket friendly, comprises Mormodica, Charantia, Zingiber Officinale, Magnifera Indica, and Antimicrobial Properties.

Giving the background information and the experience on how Naturebetic came to existence, Bello Munirat explained that while residing in Lagos, she, in corroboration with her husband, operated a pharmacy at Ejigbo Isolo axis of Lagos State.

“More importantly right from University days I had passion for natural products

“I usually look for alternative means of tackling diseases, maybe because I understood how orthodox drugs works

“I and my husband did network marketing with companies that dealt in natural products.

“We were both running the pharmacy; he was d chairman and still is.

“My husband went to Kwara Poly, with HND in Mechanical Engineering, while I graduated from UNIJOS in 2007 as a pharmacist.

“I learnt about this in school. We did a course in 400level; TRADITIONAL MEDICINE and I also delved into much research to get it right,” she said.

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She further explained the scenario of how she saved her mother in-law with the product and how the product was analysed to be a major agent in reducing excess of sugar in the body.

“In 2015, when we newly moved back to Ilorin (my mum in law resides there too). I saw her condition resembling a diabetic case. My sister in law who lives with her added that whenever she urinates, ants were often found in the WC. I then knew it was Hyperglcaemia (High blood sugar)

“With my glucometer, I checked her fasting blood sugar the next morning, which measured 386mg/dl. (Normal range is 70-110mg/dl)

“I took her to University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital and was placed on Metformin and Glibanclamide,” she added.

“She had all the symptoms of diabetes; Frequent urination especially at night(6-7 times), Feeling thirsty often even after drinking water. Weight loss, Weakness, Sleepless night, Tingling sensation on her feet etc.

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“We went back to the hospital, but her blood sugar was poorly  controlled despite the drugs. The doctor said she had to be placed on Insulin injection for us to get better result, she however declined insulin injection

“I then added NATUREBETIC to her drugs and continued monitoring her blood sugar

“By January 2016, I had her fasting blood sugar checked again, alas it had dropped to 128mg/dl!.

“As of today, she have been able to cut her orthodox medications to just one (Metformin) with our product NATUREBETIC.

“I also observed an analysis at the Dept of Medicinal Chemistry, University of ILORIN, it was shown to have Hypoglycaemic Effect (Blood Sugar Reducing Property)

“She is doing perfectly fine now. Looking healthier, vibrant and fresher. She is above 70,” she narrated.

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