About Temi Olajide’s ‘Wifi Kids And Analog Parents’ Book

The global pandemic has changed almost everything in the world, from working, parenting, friendships and even relationships. Parents who had little time with their kids, are now full-time, round the clock parents.

Screen-time and playtime have increased and many parents are finding it hard to strike a balance between home-schooling and working-from-home life.

However, Temi Olajide’s timely fast-selling book titled ‘Wifi Kids and Analog Parent’ is the solution to that dilemma.

A must have parent-kid book that addresses the changes in the dynamics of parenting in this age, and how to handle those changes.

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It provides the much-needed guide for raising children in the digital age. It is so all-encompassing and it highlights the pros and cons of the digital age, sex education for kids, understanding and communicating with children in the digital age, constructing boundaries, among other salient issues bordering on parenting in the digital age.

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We need to understand what our digital children really require us to allow them to thrive and navigate successfully in this age

According to Temi, “Wifi Kids and Analog Parents’ helps you  adapt quickly to the new trend of the world, and gives you clarity on how to balance your work time with your parenting duty, It is a book for all season but most importantly this new phase of uncertainty the world is experiencing.

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Click here to order your copy, or buy for friends who need it https://paystack.com/pay/wifikidsanalogueparents You can also follow her Instagram page @mummyclinicc to order a copy.

Temi is a Certified Child Sleep/Potty Training Consultant and Child Psychologist. She is Nigeria’s first certified child sleep consultant, Founder and Lead Strategist at Mummyclinic Global Services, founded in December 2017.

Her organisation hosts an online platform that provides strategies and result-driven solutions to the challenges of child-rearing.

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