Medplus CEO Celebrates Female Employees


In commemoration of International Women’s Day, Medplus CEO, Joke Bakare joined by First Female Federal Permanent Secretary in Nigeria, Francesca Emmanuel and multi-talented singer and songwriter, Omawumi, hosted an exclusive breakfast event for female employees; Pharmacists and Pharma-techs, on Monday, 9 March 2020 at the Medplus Headquarters (24-hour store) at Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Aimed at celebrating and encouraging Medplus female employees, the breakfast event held to honour the women who continually thrive in a male-dominated field while creating countless opportunities for women to achieve the holistic approach providing healthcare and beauty services in the country.

Speaking with employees during the session, Joke Bakare discussed the importance of the celebration and also encouraged women to do and be more.

“The essence of this International Women’s Day celebration is to reflect on the progress we have made as women, and strategize on the necessary actions required to advance together as we proceed in our individual lives. To every woman at Medplus, I’d like to say that you are intelligent, a forward thinker and you have done well for yourself, family, this organisation and society at large.

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“Be relentless in whatever you do because you spark a fire that sweeps through our network and the world is watching, I’m definitely excited to see what the future holds.” Bakare said.

Also at the event, First Female Federal Permanent Secretary in Nigeria, Francesca Emmanuel, emphasised on the important roles women play across various Nigerian sectors.

“The role we play as women is enormous, celebrating International Women’s Day has shown that we all have come a very long way, we have the capability and power to do and be whatever we want to be. We have to always recognize how powerful we are and leverage on it. I’m really happy to be part of this event with you all and I encourage you to keep the fire burning because you are unstoppable” Emmanuel said.

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The popular talented singer and songwriter, Omawumi also shared her excitement with the women as she joined the celebration.

“It’s really exciting to hear about your achievements. We have all come a long way and I’m happy that we women are already becoming a part of the conversation, we are now getting more aware about the light we carry and I believe we are just getting started. Let’s all keep the fire burning and continue to be the trailblazer that we are” Omawumi said.

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During the session, the women shared their experiences, achievements, struggles, and concerns as they inspire each other towards greater successes. Bakare also emphasised on Medplus’s commitment to empowering more women through job provision and pharmaceutical trainings, as it continues to set new standards for sustainable healthcare by adopting new practices to build a desirable wellness and fitness future.

Medplus Limited was incorporated as the first-ever retail pharmaceutical company in Nigeria in 1993 and has continued to proffer solutions to the challenge posed in accessing quality, genuine healthcare, and beauty products in Nigeria.

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