Prophet TB Joshua In Seclusion To Hear From God

Foremost and internationally recognized man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), recently relocated to the mountain in order to seek God’s face and direction for 2020.

This was announced during a live service at his church in Lagos by one of his ministers, Prophet Racine, who read a letter to the congregation that cut across all nations and explaining why TB Joshua was not in service that day.

The minister, who was with Prophet TB Joshua earlier at the mountain, stated that he and some other ministers had to return from the mountain for the church service, but that the man of God had to stay back because God had not released him and also because of the things he saw ahead of 2020.

He said even though he isn’t in their midst physically, he was there spiritually because there was need for him to seek God’s face for year.

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“The man of God Prophet TB Joshua will not be in our midst physically because he is at the prayer mountain. Take note of the word ‘physically’ – in body he will not be here but he is with us in spirit.

“We too were at the mountain. We only returned for the service – but he remained behind. He is concerned about all that is about to happen in the New Year ahead around the world,” Prophet Racine announced to the congregation.

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He did a flashback to January 2019 when the cleric went to the mountain to pray and sought God’s sake for the year, making it known that all what God showed him came to pass.

“Remember what God showed him in the same mountain at the beginning of 2019, what would happen. Now, he is back there to know what will happen in 2020. Let us listen to what God showed him.

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“This has been played thousands of times on Emmanuel TV. When it was playing at the beginning from January 4th, you were not taking it seriously. Today, you and I will agree that this year is so fearful,” the seer added.

Afterwards, a video of Prophet TB Joshua on the mountain was played. It was reinstated that the man of God has the whole world in mind and it was because of this reason he was absent from the church service.

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