Croatia Begins Road Construction to Access Liberland

Croatia has taken a new turn on her disposition towards the world newest nation, Liberland, as she began the log falling and bush clearing in order to begin a road construction to access Liberland from Croatia against the earlier blockade through her border.

Liberland, a micronation established by Vit Jedlicka a Czech politician and activist on April 13, 2015, was an abandoned green-coloured land space between Serbia and Croatia after the Yugoslav wars that Croatia asserts as part of Serbia but Serbia refuting the claim that the newly found nation, Liberland, has not in any way encroached her border, as a result, only claimed a land space that was left unclaimed by both Serbia and Croatia.

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This new development has reassured all the Liberland supporters in several countries of the world of their fate as they jubilate that the libertarian tax-free nation is becoming a reality whilst Liberland Government still seeking skilled individuals and entrepreneur in different part of the world who is interested in becoming her citizens and will be willing to invest or resident in Liberland with positive contribution towards the development of the Nation.

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Presently, Liberland ship named Liberty has been permanently stationed in the Danube river and was officially opened since Saturday, 9 September, 2017 for tourist who wish to visit and stay in Liberland for as many as possible days.

The Nigerian supporters were not left behind as they are warming up to receive the President in Nigeria anytime soon, a statement issued by the Public Relations attaché to the Consular Free Republic of Liberland in Nigeria, Olumide Benson, said.

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According to him, the Nigerian representative, Emmanuel Chigbogu, noted that this development will fast track the diplomatic recognition of Liberland with many countries of the world which will lead to a reasonable global business exploit for any nation who will be apt enough to act.

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