Management Crisis Cripples Guinness Nigeria

Warren Buffet is regarded as the most successful investor of all times and one of his many quotes is no matter how great the talent, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.

That Guinness Nigeria has been around for a while is stating the obvious but time has proven that there are likely problems among decision makers of the brewing giant as unresolved management crisis is likely to dent its image.

Instead of perfecting its brands, Guinness Nigeria is trying to ‘produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant’ by introducing new product lines despite pestilences that is presently ravaging most of its brands.

Information at our disposal has it that Guinness Nigeria is presently plagued with management crisis that might send it to grave soon.

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The crisis, according to an insider, started in July 2014 when Monica Peach was made the Human Resources Director.

Though the appointment was kicked against by members of staff, the management hid under the pretence that Monica will only spend a year before a Nigerian will take over.

Almost immediately she settled down at the new office, Monica came with policies that the staff union mopes.

Findings revealed that among several of the policies is that staff medicals should cover just the staff and two other members of his/her family, which means any employee with two kids is not covered with free the medicals usually enjoyed before the policy.

Most recently, she led the exercise that evicted over 500 worker among which were 10 directors and 40 senior managers. The exercise was badly managed and it resulted into protest by the union, who threatened to cripple production if all the affected members of staff were not called back.

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For days, operations were stopped by the union, which eventually prompted the management to seek the assistance of the former HR director who was sacked, Wale Adeniran.

He gave his conditions which included payment of N50 million to manage the situation. Adeniran was said to have negotiated on behalf of Monica Peach with executives of the union offering them conditions that include severance to the affected staff.

Right after the case was managed, the same consultant, Wale Adeniran was used to quench the problem Guinness Nigeria had with NAFDAC.

Unfortunately, the executives of the union who the management labelled ‘tyrant’ were sacked thereafter not minding how experienced or how long they have worked with Guinness Nigeria.

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Impeccable sources added that another of the management crisis presently rocking Guinness is the elevation of a lady simply called ‘Anne’ to the post of a director.

The lady according to sources was newly employed after losing her job with Unilever. Though some quarter alleged she is warming the bed of the Peter Ndegwa, Guinness Managing Director, the management turned deaf ears and promoted Anne to the post of Sales Director barely few months after joining the organization.

Watch out other details: how distributor’s debt is sending the brewing giant to a grave soon, how Sales managers are defrauding the organization endlessly among several atrocities been committed by those in power in Guinness Nigeria.

To be continued…

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  1. It’s obvious your blog is sponsored by competition in order to peddle falacies. Your article is fraught with lies and inconsistent statements. Ann is not and was never a Sales Director at Guinness, amongst other rubbish you have put up here.
    Whatever is your intention it has failed woefully because intelligent readers can read between the lines…


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