Many Lies of Shina Akinpelu Against Gani Adams

The Oyo State Secretary of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Comrade Julius Olajide has described as baseless and bunch of lies against the person of Otunba Gani Adams by a expelled member of the congress, Shina Akinpelu.

According to Olajide, after series of empty and unfounded allegations against the person of Otunba (Dr) Gani Adams without any results, Akinpelu has come up with nothing but another set of cooked up lies.

He challenged Akinpelu to come out and tell the world where he came up with his baseless lies, asking, “Now it is Manchester in England, Lekki in Lagos, Tema in Ghana and Okota in Lagos that Otunba Gani Adams has houses again. People should ask the blackmailer, ingrate and disgruntled element to come out with the proofs. Where are the proofs? Where are the addresses of these said properties?”

He said OPC became what it is today with the power of the Almighty God and the initiatives of Adams and the support of ever loyal members of National Coordinating Council and all members of the group.

Highlighting few of the achievements of OPC under the leadership of Otunba Gani Adams, Olajide said the OPC leader has repacked and rebranded the Congress from what it used to be before to a now refined and corporate group, which he said everybody is aware of.

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He further said Adams has helped in the area of cultural promotions and diversification that gave birth to a well-known and recognised cultural organisation, Olokun Festival Foundation, which promotes over 23 cultural festivals annually in Yoruba land, such as Eledumare Festival in Lagos, Oodua Festival in Ile-Ife, Olokun Festival in Lagos, Okota Festival in Ondo State, Wealth Festival in Lagos, Obatala in Oyo State are noticeable and positive achievements not forgetting the founding of a fast spreading global Yoruba social cultural organisation, Oodua Progressive Union in 64 countries of the world with the aim of uniting and bringing the Yorubas in Diaspora together to champion a common cause for the development of Yoruba race.

He challenged Akinpelu to show the world who has done these in the history of Yoruba race.

Other achievements listed are;

Renting of offices with modern day facilities for all the south west structures of Oodua People’s Congress including, Kwara, Kogi and Edo State.

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Empowerment of members through cash and kind.

Allocation of landed properties to the leaders and members of the organisation to build houses.

Purchasing of vehicles of different brands to the leaders and members of the organisation of which many of his co-travellers benefitted from.

He also added the establishment of Gani Adams Foundation, a charity organisation formed for the assistance of the less privileges and the establishment of Oodua Economic Empowerment Initiative, Olokun Business Enterprises etc.

“People should ask Shina what he has contributed to the growth of Oodua People’s Congress when he was a still a member of Oodua People’s Congress in Oyo State, ask Shina who helped him when he had a very serious ailment and he was almost close to the grave before he was taken to Ola-Oki Medical Centre in Badadry courtesy of Otunba Gani Adams.

“Till today, the only result he tenders for his political ambition was gotten for him by Otunba Gani Adams from International School of Aviation.

“Otunba Gani Adams was the first person to donate for his House of Assembly campaign electioneering in 2007, it was revealed to us that part of the money was used to buy electronics in Oshodi before departing for Ibadan.

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“It is obvious that Akinpelu is desperate to carry out the bidding of his paymasters hence the need to constantly come up with lies that are merely figment of his imagination. Soon he will run out of lies and obviously fall out of favour with his paymasters.

“He cannot lay his hands on any good things anymore due to all his evil activities he has got himself involved in. He remains the most wretched person since 1999 when he joined Oodua People’s Congress till when he was expelled out of the organisation. Akinpelu has been moving from pillar to pole.

“I will advise him to go for spiritual cleansing or approach a psychiatric hospital.

“The OPC is waxing stronger under the leadership of Otunba Gani Adams and not long confirmed purchase of lands for the construction of 3 star hotels for all the structures of the congress, let Shina and his paymasters find something else to do or even form another organisation they deem fit, as far as we are concerned they remained expelled from Congress,” Olajide said.

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