LandLotto Unveils Tobi Bakre as Brand Ambassador

Landlotto, a lottery platform in Nigeria, has  announced Tobi Bakre as their new brand ambassador.

Tobi Bakre is a popular actor, influencer and reality TV star mostly known for being a finalist on Big Brother Nigeria season 3.

This newly announced partnership with LandLotto consolidates the company’s position as a trusted platform offering Nigerians a genuine shot at financial stability, as well as the chance to own landed properties and apartments in Lagos at a cost as low as ₦200.

Participants get a chance to win these various prizes on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly basis. And there really is nothing to be worried about, as LandLotto is not only a verified platform, but also licensed by the Lagos State Lottery Board.

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How to Win on LandLotto

With a presence online and offline, LandLotto has made it easy for participants to win and gain easy access to the life of their dreams.

To registration online, just click here, provide your name and few other information, after which you will get a code to qualify for the raffle draw of your choice.

Offline registration can also be done by texting LandLotto to 08107600076 and follow the steps-by-step process to winning. You can also reach out to a representative of LandLotto for further information to qualify you for the raffle draw, it really is that easy!

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But note that you have to be 18 years or older to participate.

What and what can you win on LandLotto?

As already stated above, cash prizes, lands and apartments are always available for grabs.

You can participate in the Daily Draws to win ₦10,000 with just ₦200. Best believe it when we say someone wins every single day with LandLotto.

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You can also qualify to win ₦50,000 weekly with just #500 in the Super Saturday Draw. Once every month, someone wins ₦500,000 by paying ₦1000 to participate in the Monthly Jackpot; and every two months, there is a raffle to win the grand prize of a piece of land. It’s only ₦2000 to participate in this Land Mega Win draw.

Another grand prize that’s always on offer at LandLotto is an apartment in Lagos which can be won by any of the participants who play the Landlotto Boomer draw with just ₦3000!

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