CNN’s Christiane Battles Ovarian Cancer

Christiane Amanpour

CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour on Monday revealed she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had recently undergone surgery for the condition.

The 63-year-old who had been absent for four-weeks from her CNN show also revealed she will undergo chemotherapy for a period of weeks as she continues to battle the disease.

The award-winning journalist while sharing her cancer diagnosis with viewers said she is confident and urges women to get all regular screenings and listen to their bodies.

Amanpour said, “Like millions of women around the world, I’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I’ve had successful major surgery to remove it and I’m now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the very best possible long-term prognosis and I’m confident.”

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The CNN’s chief international anchor stated that she publicly shared her diagnosis not only for “transparency,” but to highlight the importance of an “early diagnosis” and to “urge women to educate themselves on this disease.”

“Get all the regular screenings and scans that you can, always listen to your bodies; and of course to ensure that your legitimate medical concerns are not dismissed or diminished,” Amanpour said.

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The Emmy Award-winning journalist who has been at CNN off and on since 1983 and known primarily for her coverage of international conflicts said she feels “fortunate to have health insurance through work and incredible doctors who are treating me in a country underpinned by, of course, the brilliant (National Health Service)” in the U.K.

Ovarian cancer is a common cancer among women that starts in the ovaries, and spreads to the abdomen and pelvis if it is not diagnosed and treated early.

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Symptoms include abdominal bloating or swelling, quickly feeling full when eating, weight loss, frequent need to urinate, changes in bowel habits and discomfort in the pelvic area.

Ovarian cancer is the eighth-most common cancer for women and is most common in women who have had the menopause but it can affect women of any age.

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