5 Men On What It Feels Like Having Multiple Girlfriends

I’m guessing this is a topic ladies are curious about…lol. Like, why can’t he just be faithful to me? What does she have that I don’t? Well, we’ve got you! We have the guys here to explain to us what keeping multiple girlfriends is like to them. To be clear, we are not talking about marriage here (married men or women who keep side pieces). We are talking about people in relationships prior to marriage.

Truth is, when it comes to the issue of relationship, we focus on culture, society, and love. We don’t take into consideration the biological and psychological differences of the different genders. It is a common belief that men are polygamous in nature but this is a conversation we are not ready to have. I recently read an article and the writer said, a great number of men have the desire to be intimate with multiple women at the same time…hmm.

In this age and time, a man keeping multiple girlfriends is regarded as immature and impersonal. Not many women would want to put up with a man who cheats even though in times past, it was considered a normal thing for a man to keep a harem. You can say that it has something to do with a boost in the self-esteem of the modern woman, who wants to be appreciated and held in high regard. Personally, I believe there are more advantages to being exclusive than being polygamous.

Men who keep multiple girlfriends can have a number of reasons for doing so. So here, 5 men on what having multiple girlfriends feels like:

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For me, having multiple girlfriends is stressful. I am not just at peace, not because I am scared of what they might do, but because I never really want to be the source of anyone’s sadness. And I know that if they discover themselves, several of them will be hurt. Because of this, I have to be careful with the calls, messages, and all that. That puts me on edge and unable to have a blissful time with whichever of the girls is around me at that moment. There’s also the economic side to it. You spend more when you have several dates.  I lived this lifestyle for a while until I decided it was time for me to just stick to one partner. It’s less stressful, more economical, and healthier for all the parties involved…Tony

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For me, it’s like just trying out different options so that I can eventually choose the right one for me…Lanre

Uhm..the thrill of it I guess. Knowing I can have any of those girls depending on my mood or need and at any time makes me feel like truly “it’s a man’s world”. Money isn’t an issue for me, so I spoil them silly. I like the feeling of asking them to jump and they ask “how high”? Plus the feeling I get from straffing different girls gives me an all high. No experience is the same with each of the girls…Chidera

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It’s about protecting the culture. “Men are born cheats”, that’s the general mantra. Generally, in the world we live in, men wouldn’t be castigated for cheating but rather praised by their friends. So, that is enough reason to enjoy having multiple girlfriends plus the pride one feels that he is safeguarding the culture. Secondly, it’s about pride and confidence. I don’t have to worry about who leaves and who stays…Alex

Only guys that keep multiple girlfriends can tell cause really I don’t know but I believe some guys who do it don’t really know what they want and that’s why they keep multiple girlfriends…Emeka

*Names have been changed for the sake of anonymity.

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