Gozem, Etisalat Benin Integrate of Moov Money into Gozem App

Hundreds of thousands of Gozem users in Benin can now enjoy the simplicity and security of Moov Money.

This integration of Moov Benin and Gozem means that Gozem customers can now use Moov Money to safely top up their Gozem wallets and take Gozem trips without cash.

This comes at a time when the need for a cashless society is a growing trend and a global strategic imperative.

“​In addition to existing payment options offered in our app, Gozem users can now also benefit from the security and convenience of paying with Moov Money.

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“We are proud to continually improve our service offering and work alongside Moov Benin to offer our customers more choice and convenience​,” said Pierrick Houée, Country Manager Gozem Benin.

Moov Benin’s chief executive, Omar Nahli added: “​We’re inevitably moving towards a digital-centric world, and we’re working to improve our customers’ well-being by anticipating their future needs and offering solutions to satisfy them.

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“Through this partnership, we’re helping to bring our subscribers closer to a safe and reliable transport service, and we congratulate Gozem for using new technologies to bring a real solution to Benin’s transport sector​.”

Since its July 2019 launch in Cotonou, Benin, Gozem is now also available in Calavi, Porto-Novo, Parakou, Abomey and Bohicon.

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This collaboration between Gozem and the Etisalat Group subsidiary will have a positive impact on the growth of digital payments in Benin and facilitate the adoption of cashless transactions across the country.

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