VIDEO: How Adron Homes Reunited Kollington, Salawa Abeni

Salawa Abeni Kollington Ayinla

It was an emotional moment for those present when real estate giant in Nigeria, Adron Homes and Properties, reunited former couple, Kollington Ayinla and Salawa Abeni.

The duo were formerly married, but their union ended many years ago and both went their separate ways, though still keeping in touch as a result of products from the marriage.

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Recently, both of them were seen hugging each other when Kollington, a Fuji lord, presented a house to Salawa Abeni, the self-acclaimed Waka Queen courtesy Adron Homes.

CEO of the company, Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, witnessed this presentation and the incident will be used by the Adron Homes to promote its Adron homes Unlimited Love Promo.

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The Adron homes Unlimited Love Promo is designed to reward subscribers during Valentine season, which takes place on February 14.

It was gathered that the promotional video will be played on various media platforms to celebrate love.

According to the company, the unlimited love promo will feature 30 percent discount to whoever patronizes Adron Homes, with a trip to a resort in Nigeria.

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