How To Protect Your Undies From Ritualists—Mosun Filani

Sultry Nollywood star, Mosun Filani, has advised ladies how not to be victims of ritualist using pants and bras of females.

In recent times, there have been cases of men caught with female undies purportedly sourced for to make money rituals.

From reports in the media, these pants and bras are allegedly used by internet fraudsters commonly called Yahoo Boys as well as politicians.

In her recent post of social media, Mosun Filani, who is married to a politician in Osun State, urged ladies to cut their old pants in pieces.

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According to her, a safe pant is synonymous to a safe lady, urging ladies not to hang their pants outside or beside the window in the bathroom.

“If you are safe and your pant is not safe, my sister you are not safe o.

“Please get peg hangers, dry your pants in your bathroom (not close to your windows abeg o)

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“Don’t just dispose your old pants anyhow, cut them into shreds (focus on the underlay part), or better still burn them out completely. 2019 yii aiye oni ka pata wa Lo o (our pants will not be taken away by evil doers),” the actress posted on her social media platform.

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