The Rise and Rise of Popular SA-Based Nigerian Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse

To every glory is a story to tell. The list of great Prophets in our generation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the General Overseer of Freedom for All Nations Outreach(FANO) and the owner of FANO TV, Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse. He is one prophet we are blessed to have during this last days where ‘fake prophets’ are on the rise as the day passes by.

One would think he has a South-African background judging by the crowd his South African church host whenever there is service but no. There was a time he was a complete ’Nobody’ in the South-African society where he is regarded as God’s oracle at the moment.

He was born and bred in Nigeria but the work of the ministry took him to South Africa. His Prophetic Ministry started way over 15 years ago in Nigeria, but he was told by God to move to south Africa where he started Freedom for All Nations Outreach. His rise in the ministry however hasn’t been a rosy one.  He has been through the valley but whatever is of God will surely be taken care of it as it was rightly said in the holy books.

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There were times where he slept at friend’s place, and was later sent out. He had to sleep under a flower on the streets of South Africa and yet, he kept on gathering people to worship God, preach to them, winning their souls for Christ. This is no doubt a very rare sacrifice especially in this dispensation where so called men of God do several fetish things to get popularity and wealth.

Also, he isn’t the lazy type. Before the reward for his consistency in Christ came, he worked in a salon, made braid for women, even as a man, and also got his own salon where he simultaneously used as a place where he gathered people to worship God, till they were too much to contain the place and he had to move to another place where he gathered over 300 members without a church. He would take people to mountains, pray with them, fasted for so many days, and so on till he finally registered FANO IN 2010 and started a church in 2012 after he heard from God because he was just known to doing inter-denominational prayers and crusades. Despite the fact that South-Africa isn’t a conducive environment for Nigerian Pastors to succeed, His church has 90% of South Africans as members and the remaining 10% as other Nationals.

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Furthermore, even after the reward came, he still didn’t forget where he is coming from. He is known for Feeding at least 150 people every week through his programme tagged operation feed the nation, gives South African scholarships, and many more.

Talking on the many Prophecies he has said and has come to pass, He was the only Prophet that predicted the flood that took place in Cape Town in June 2017. He prayed for a woman who delivered cat fish whose pregnancy was long overdue. He delivered a Botswana woman from snake spirit, live snake walked out of her. The recent one is the Zimbabwean Prophecy, about Mugabe. It’s on record that he was the only one who mentioned the month of November as the season Mugabe would go down.

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No doubt, Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse is one whose ministry has been greatly accepted in South Africa as he is currently building a 50,000 Capacity church because his members are too much to contain the current building they are occupying.

Interestingly, he hosted Popular Nigerian Actor, John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu in his church where he gave a heart-touching testimony, Oil Tycoon, Igho Charles Sanomi, and several dignitaries.

One would easily deduce that It has been a rising spree for Popular Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse since he started his ministry but his life is a living testimony to people that God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise and the weak things of this world to confound the mighty ones.

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