Obesere Turns Tea Seller in Lagos


My two eyes never deceive me anytime, they are very accurate. That beautiful afternoon, just passing by along a street in Lagos State, the acclaimed Vice Chancellor of Entertainment, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, was sighted with a tea container dishing out for people to buy.

He walked through the streets advertising his wares to attract patronisers and many people were surprised seeing him in such a condition.

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We looked around, it was not a Nollywood shoot and then we began to wonder.

To many people’s surprise, a man came from nowhere and said: ‘Cut! Cut! Good job Papa’. Everybody hissed but stayed glued waiting for the next scene. We were later told an Islamic artiste had featured Alhaji Obesere in a song and the visuals were just being shot.

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Speaking to us, Obesere said he only acted according to the director and nothing else. “I did what the director asked me to do and nothing else. People actually thought I had turned a tea-seller and were saying is that not Papa selling tea, no he is not? Let’s go and buy,” he said.

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