Crisis Rocks Olufimo Family?

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If information reaching Aproko247 is anything to believe, it means things may begin to fall apart in the once peaceful Olufimo family.

For those who may not know, the Olufimo household is the body of loyal fans of top Fuji musician, Saheed Osupa.

This might come as a surprise to some people, but for those who follow Fuji music closely, fans form clubs as a way of support to their music idols. In that way, they see themselves as one family.

Among the fans’ clubs in the Fuji world, only two seem to get at each other’s nerves; the Olufimo, which belongs to Osupa, and the Oganla family, which belongs to those loyal to Pasuma Wonder.

It is very common to have the two fan clubs engage in arguments and sometimes bitter fights, ostensibly following the footsteps of their respective idols, who use their music to get at each other.

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Now to the crux of the matter; according to information making the rounds, there is an alleged war in the group over the leadership of Olufimo family.

Rumourmongers claim there are moves underground to stop one Monsuru Adeshina Yemmy from becoming leader of the group.

For those who may not also know, Monsuru, a die-hard fan of Osupa, who is said to be based in Mushin, Lagos, is perceived to be the leader of the group. In fact, he gets the attention of Osupa whenever he wants it and he is respected for this.

Some members of the Olufimo family believe he is the right hand man of Osupa and that he represents the group whenever the need arises.

But it was alleged that one Awolesi David, fondly called Solar, who is based in the United Kingdom has teamed up with one Akinola Adetayo to prevent Monsuru from becoming the leader of the Olufimo family.

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When Aproko247 contacted Monsuru on this issue, he said, “I don’t think I have any issue with anyone, they are just creating unnecessary scenes just to destabilize people.

“I never told anyone I wanted to be Olufimo president; they are the ones feeling inferior, thinking my popularity in the kingdom might make me the president, which I do not nurse.

When Aproko247 pressed further that there were alleged moves to stop him from becoming leader of the group, he said, “I don’t understand, who is David Solar and Akinola? I don’t think they can stop me of becoming anything I want to become. My work in the kingdom will surely speak for me. Please don’t let anyone to mis-inform you.”

However, when Aproko247 contacted David Solar, he had this to say.

“Please what is my problem with Olufimo presidency?  Please never discuss any Olufimo issue with me.

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“Just make sure you don’t publish what will drag you to the court of law. Don’t see me a rude person. If I am dragging anything with anybody, it will be from London where I live.

“Let me just put it straight to you, go and check my activities on Facebook, you will realise I have nothing attached to Olufimo any longer. I am focusing on life to have a bright future; fighting over Olufimo presidency, what does that brings to my table.

“Please let me ask you, how much do they pay to Olufimo president?

“In a nutshell, I have not belonged to any music association since last year, do you get that? Nothing concerns me about Olufimo or whatever.”

Meanwhile, as at the time of publishing this report, Akinola Adetayo was yet to respond to our enquiry on the matter.

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