Fuel Scarcity: Man Goes N.aked At Filling Station (VIDEO)

fuel scarcity

A man believed to be in his late 20s recently went berserk in Lagos when he put off his clothes, holding a jerry can to be used for the purchase of fuel.

Despite pleas from stunned onlookers to him to put on his clothes and stop the embarrassment, the man refused.

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Even some policemen were seen in the video trying to talk to him to wear something to cover his body, he still did not answer.

The ‘frustrated’ man thought to be a tricycle rider went further to lay on the ground as the fuel attendant failed to sell the product to him.

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The incident, according to our findings, happened about three weeks ago.

For over two months, Nigerians have suffered scarcity of petrol, which has brought long queues backs to petrol stations across the country.

The Federal Government placed a ban on filling station from selling the product in kegs.

Watch the video here:

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