Email Inventor, Ray Tomlinson, Dies At 74

ray tomlinson
The man credited to have invented the email, Ray Tomlinson, has died. Tomlinson is also the man to have created the use of the @ sign now used in email addresses.

Reports say Tomlinson died of an apparent heart attack on Saturday, March 5, 2016 in the United States of America.

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The US-based computer programmer came up with the idea of electronic messages that could be sent from one network to another in 1971. He sent what is now regarded as the first email while working in Boston as an engineer for research company Bolt, Beranek and Newman.

The firm played a big role in developing an early version of the internet, known as Arpanet and his work was recognised by his peers in 2012, when he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.

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