Novex Cleaning Solutions: Revolutionises The Personal Care Product Market

Novex, a groundbreaking brand of household cleaning solutions, is making waves in the Nigerian market with its locally manufactured range of bleach, antiseptics, glass, toilet, floor, and multi-purpose cleaners.

This innovative product has quickly gained recognition for its ability to provide effective surface cleaning without the concerns of harsh chemicals or fumes.

Introduced by the Givanas Group in the first quarter of 2023 as part of their 30th-anniversary celebration in the Nigerian product manufacturing and distribution space, Novex products offer versatile applications and user-friendly features, simplifying cleaning routines and addressing various household cleaning needs. Moreover, they combine affordability with exceptional quality.Christianna Agbata, the Group Marketing Manager of Givanas Group, emphasizes Novex’s commitment to quality through extensive research and development, as well as its dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements to meet consumer expectations.

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“The feedback we’ve received since entering the market confirms that Novex is revolutionizing cleaning methods in Nigerian households. And because we are committed to ensuring our products are safe to use, the positive response from the consumers shows that we are meeting the demand for Quality, safe, and affordable household cleaning products,” says Agbata.

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This revolution aligns with Givanas’ ethos of innovation, research-driven practices, and customer-centricity that have sustained its strong reputation over three decades.With meticulous attention to detail and following the established Givanas business philosophy, Novex formulates cleaning solutions that deliver superior performance, ensuring thorough and satisfactory results.

The brand aspires to become the gold standard among competing cleaning solution brands in the country.

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