Gozem Hits 2 Million Trips Completed

In less than two years of activity, Gozem has passed the two million trip milestone. Launched in Lomé, Togo in November 2018 with a motorcycle-taxi service, Gozem is now operational in seven cities across Togo and Benin where it is now known as “Africa’s Super App” due to the variety of services available on its platform.

Although Gozem may see its future as more diversified, to date the company’s main activity has been transportation. In addition to motorcycle-taxis, Gozem users can order tricycles (three-wheeled tuk-tuks), as well as standard car-taxis, both with or without air conditioning.

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This variety of transport offerings helped Gozem reach the milestone it is celebrating today. But in addition to transportation, Gozem users can also order different types of products via the application — groceries, cooking gas, electronics, and more — and have them delivered.

And Gozem plans to continue to innovate and expand, both in terms of service offerings and geographic footprint.

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“We’re quite motivated by the impact that we’ve been able to make in such a short period of time. And we’re incredibly pleased that thousands of users complete Gozem trips in Togo and Benin everyday.

“We appreciate the community of passengers and champions who made this milestone possible, and we remain just as excited as we were on day one to continue developing the best products and experiences that create value for our users, champions, and partners, not only in the markets where we currently operate, but soon throughout French-speaking West and Central Africa.

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“On behalf of all of us at Gozem, thank you,” said Emeka Ajene, Gozem Co-Founder & Managing Director.

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