COVID-19: Group Urges Nigerians to Avoid Blood Clot

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With the growing body of evidence that an incredibly significant number of patients who are seriously ill with coronavirus are developing dangerous blood clots or thrombosis, the Iyayi Efianayi Foundation has advised Nigerians on different measures to protect themselves against the pandemic.

The admonitions, which were unveiled in a press statement signed by the President of the Foundation, Dr Caesar Osaheni-Iyayi are outcomes of research instituted by the Foundation as part of its effort to equip Nigerians with survival information about the deadly virus.

While harping on the importance of strong immune system, functioning of the circulatory system and what he termed “the hot water therapy” in the management of COVID-19, Dr. Osaheni-Iyayi said: “we have heard a lot about how to prevent COVID-19 from infecting us but we have not heard enough about how we would be able to manage the situation at home should it be that the hospital or medical system is unable to accommodate everybody.

“It has happened in America; it has happened in Britain and we do not know what the future looks like. We have taken time to carry out some research and what I am unfolding to you is predicated on empirical data”.

As part of efforts to strengthen the immune system, he emphasized the need for more exposure to sunlight while also appealing to the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to increase the time that patients at the treatment centres are exposed to sunlight from 15 minutes to at least one hour.

His words: “We are already familiar with the treatment protocol of NCDC, there is nothing wrong with that. The only thing I want to add is that the period that they expose our people to sunlight is 15 minutes between the hours of 10 and 11 am. Studies have indicated that for white people, 15 minutes is sufficient but for black people we have to stay there for over one hour.

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Vitamin D, according to the statement “is useful for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous but there is a new concern in Norway and a lot of cities in America. People found out that many black people were dying disproportionately to the population compared to the white people. And what is the commonality between all these black people is that they lack vitamin D.

The same scenario, the statement disclosed played itself out in Holland where a group of black Ethiopians domiciled in a particular region with less than one percent of the entire population while about 48 percent of the death in Holland is attributed to the group.

“We know that the primary function of vitamin D is to aid the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, but it is also linked to promotion of immunity. So, what we want to say at this point is that if our people cannot be allowed to stay under the sun at the NCDC centre for more than 15 minutes, then they should be given vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D3, it is inexpensive, it contains 1000 international units. That is how vitamin D is measured. We are not too sure whether they are giving them zinc, we know they are getting vitamin E. Zinc is also important in the buildup of immunity”.

On the issue of functioning circulation system, the President of the Foundation said, “to stay alive, your blood must circulate, so the first thing that anybody that discovers that he is having any symptom of COVID-19 must do is to start with anti-coagulation. Something that will not allow your blood to clot. Then, you can start thinking about how to boost your immune system.

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Throwing more light on the importance of avoiding thrombosis, he drew attention to a research in Italy, where autopsies were done on more than 300 patients and it was found that they had blood clots in their veins.

“People in the medical field refer to this as thrombosis but we that are not in the medical field know it as blood clot. That is why the Governors of New York and other American States are not asking for ventilators anymore because if the circulatory system is blocked by blood clots, there is no use for respirators.

“What is the treatment for this coagulation or blood clot? It is simple. Anti-coagulant. An example of anti-coagulant is aspirin. So, what we are telling you is that should you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to get treatment at the hospital, you should start treating yourself immediately with anti-coagulant when you find yourself coughing or with sore throat.

“Why is that important? If your blood circulatory system is functioning, you can hardly die of coronavirus because coronavirus is not like cancer that is spreading, it has a life span of about 14 days, you can keep yourself alive by allowing your blood to circulate. This is a critical point that we want you to remember.

On the ‘Hot Water Therapy’, Dr. Osaheni-Iyayi said: “There are other things I want to talk about. It is a bit on the offside. Many people will regard it as something that should not be practiced in modern day era, but it makes sense. I know many doctors and nurses in Nigeria, America and Europe that are using this system to deal with coronavirus. What we know about coronavirus is that at 27’Celsius, some people say 57’Celsius, coronavirus will not be able to survive. So, what our grandparents did when we were children was that they will get a hot bucket of water, because water boils at a 100’Celsius, seat in front of you, give you a small stool and cover you completely with a blanket. Because you must breath, you will be breathing in hot steam that will be may be about 70’Celsius. It will be going into your lungs and coronavirus is supposed to be forming inflammations in your lungs.

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“So, that is another way to address it. I know many doctors in America that when they return home from their offices, the first thing they do is to seat down, cover themselves with blanket and hot water, but I don’t know why they are not talking about it. I do not know what the reason is. They are doing it and because of that, they are able to go to work freely without interruption.

“We are talking about how we in Nigeria can survive. These are some of the points that we have put together on behalf of Iyayi Efianayi Foundation.”

“I want to leave you with a lot of optimism, I wish you happy survival. Those of us talking about it, we do not know what our fate would be, but we believe we should share whatever information we have with everybody. It should not be limited our family. This is our hand of fellowship that we are extending to you. We wish you the best. We as Nigerians are going to make it, nothing will stop us. It was expected that by now, may be about one million people would have been dead in Nigeria, we have demonstrated to the rest of the world that we are capable of surviving the most difficult of tragedies that you can ever imagine”.

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