5 Biggest Gambling Affiliates Lose 70% in Stock Market Value

Gambling Affiliate

Data gathered and calculated by GoldenCasinoNews.com indicates that the top five gambling affiliate companies have lost 70% in stock market value over the last two years.

Affected Companies

The affected affiliates include Gaming Innovation Group, whose value has declined by -87.73%, followed by XLM Media with a loss of -75.20%.

Malta based-Catena Media has lost -68.17% in stock value while Raketech Group Holding has witnessed a decline of – 67.22%. Net Gaming Europe has also suffered a -65.06% change in stock market value.

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Better Collective is the only gambling affiliate to enjoy share price growth, with a +18.08% gain in the two year period.

Failing to take advantage of the legalization of the US market

The drop in stock market value is particularly interesting given the huge opportunity in the US, where several states have already legalized online gambling.

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Adam Green, editor at GoldenCasinoNews.com said: “It’s quite shocking to see such a drop in the value of these companies when they are all posting  extremely positive results in the US.”

He went on to say “Investors are clearly more concerned about the growth and sustainability in core European gambling markets for these companies, where compliance and regulation is making things harder for these companies to operate in.”

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