6 Reasons Everyone Should Live On Lagos Mainland


Lagos, a premier metropolitan city in Nigeria, is known to have two divisions: the mainland and the island. The mainland which is known as the older of the two divisions has over time been slammed in favour of the island, which is regarded as the more sophisticated of the two destinations.

Jumia Travel, however, has 6 reasons everyone should disregard the criticisms and move to the mainland which actually is a fascinating medley of old and new and is worth a visit or a lifetime.

You can eat really, really well for practically nothing

Food –fresh, processed or cooked- is super affordable on the mainland compared to the island. Despite recent economic hardships, it is easy to eat a hearty traditional meal for about NGN 200 (50cents) in neighborhood eateries known as Bukkas/Mamaputs. Food is taken very seriously on the mainland and even fancy restaurants are much cheaper than in on the island.

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Plethora of local markets

While most of Lagos Island has succumbed to boutiques, malls, and megastores, the mainland is still filled with local markets where visitors and locals can buy a variety of commodities and items at affordable rates, even enjoying opportunities of haggling. Foods are fresh and there are various local options as regards products brands.

Public transport works

You can actually move around easily by public transport without any qualms. There are so many choices : Keke-na-pep, Moluwe, BRT, Danfo, Bikes(depending on the area), taxi cabs (with or without AC), e.t.c and all the options are available at relatively cheap rates and you can travel long distances on a tight budget. Aside from high-traffic areas, the roads are easy to navigate and there are traffic lights and signs to keep you in check.

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Buying and renting property is easy

Accommodation in Lagos as a whole is generally expensive; however, you will find the cheapest rates on the mainland. From flats to studio apartments and even hotels, the room rates are relatively lower. Also, purchasing property is fairly easy as set procedures and laws are already in place and there is a good selection of legal advisors, established real estate agencies and anything related to property in the area. An added perk is that there are fewer incidents of flooding compared to the island.

The airports are located on the mainland

Despite how fabulous the Island is said to be, it does not have any airport. So, you still have to travel all the way to the mainland before you can jet off to other state or out of the country by air. The airports-local and international- not only welcome millions of people a year but offer a seamless secure service and make travelling to and from Lagos a fairly and reasonably easy affair.

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A relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle

A good reason to live on Lagos mainland is for its relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle. Life on the mainland is easy, relaxed and offers all kinds of possibilities. The locale harbors an open minded local population with full of multi-ethnic and even international residents as well. The locals are used to the eccentricities of foreign visitors and welcome them. Also, with the lower costs of living on the mainland, you can enjoy life more for slightly less.

Nkem Ndem is a PR Associate at Jumia Travel.

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