Okotie Praises Nigeria At 55

chris okotie
Chairman of the Fresh Democratic Party, FRESH, Rev Chris Okotie has urged Nigerians to redouble their efforts to develop the country.

The man of God, in a statement issued from his media office in Lagos to mark the nation’s 55th Independence anniversary, lamented that most of Nigeria’s peer nations have left the country behind because of their collective will to develop their nations.

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He said, “Every nation faces some daunting odds at some point; the important thing is for them to overcome such hurdles and move on. In Nigeria’s case, we have not been able to do that because of the perennial plague of bad leadership.”

The musician turned pastor further said, having voted for change, the onus is now on the All Progressives Congress, APC-Federal Government to shift the governance paradigm and move the nation forward, in order to close the gap with other progressive nations.

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“Nothing short of effective, quality service delivery and fast pace of governance would make the needed difference,” Okotie said, adding that once the FG settles down fully, Nigerians would not accept excuses for poor performance by our elected officials.

Okotie praised Nigerians for their resilience in the face of persistent crisis of leadership, which appears to continue even after the conclusion of the 2015 general elections.

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