Ex-Foreign Minister, Gbenga Ashiru Dies In South Africa

A former Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign, Gbenga Ashiru, has died. The late diplomat gave up the ghost in a South African hospital on Saturday.

Ashiru, an indigene of Ogun State, was instrumental in the settling of the dispute between Nigeria and South Africa when over 100 Nigerians were deported from the former apartheid country for not having valid yellow fever vaccination certificates with them.

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He reportedly died of brain tumour and had been hospitalised for over three months.

The deceased was appointed into the position in 2011 by President Goodluck Jonathan, but was removed in 2013 in a cabinet reshuffle made by the President.

It was believed that Ashiru lost his position after Jonathan and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, publicly fell out. Obasanjo reportedly nominated him for the post.

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