Europe’s Newest Nation, Liberland, Rolls Out Drums To Mark 3rd Anniversary

Plans are ongoing to mark the third anniversary of the newest nation in Europe, Liberland, on Friday, April 13, 2018.

The small nation, despite Croatia’s reluctance to uphold her upper court verdict in favour of the self-declared micro nation since 2015, has not in any way relented in making progress to achieving her dreams.

Three years ago, former Czech politician, Vit Jedlicka, who is presently the president of the nation, made case for the country after over 30 years abandonment of its 7.2sqm landscape, which had since then been a border between Serbia and Croatia after the Yugoslav war.

The recent opening of its representative office in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is indeed a plus to the newest European nation and third world smallest micro-nation, Liberland, bringing about easy access through the Danube river, an international water way despite its representative office in over 80 countries of the world to include continents like Asia, America, Australia including Africa, inclusive Nigeria.

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The anniversary next week is expected to be a milestone as it will be celebrated in conjunction with the d10e 20th edition of the leading conference on decentralisation.

This year’s celebration will hold for three days and is basically centred towards the way forward on eminent issues as it’s affects Liberland as a country and much deliberation on how the country plans to survive economically through her tax-free policies alongside achieving political goals by maintaining budget transparency.

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The Liberland Consular in Nigeria, Rev. Emmanuel Chigbogu, through his spokesperson, Mr Olumide Benson, has urged all Nigerian entrepreneurs who intend to enlarge the coast of their businesses to seize advantage of this upcoming event as it is an opportunity to be part of those that will define the future of Liberland and also an advantage for professionals who intend to live and work in the newest nation bearing in mind that all contributions will be rewarded with due merit and all those who have attained the minimum required merit through working for the development of Liberland via diplomatic, commercial or technological projects and making financial donations since they joined the pursuit will be rewarded with citizenship during the event.

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The Liberland citizenship is open to all countries of the world regardless of race, colour and religion including skilled and unskilled individuals interested in dual citizenship, who must be capable of contributing positively to the development of the nation and with no past record of criminal activities.

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