Prophet Akinbodunse Gives Orphans $30,000, Scholarships In Namibia

South Africa-based Nigerian cleric, Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse, last Sunday put smile on the faces of some orphans in Namibia.

The renowned man of God, during a prophetic tour in the East African nation, gave scholarships and cash worth $30,000 to some orphans.

Specifically, the respected Prophet gave the $30,000 to an orphanage which houses about 156 orphans picked up from the streets of Namibia. He also announced sponsoring the education of two boys up to the university level.

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Prophet Akinbodunse also did not leave out windows when announcing his gesture in Namibia, where the beneficiaries applauded.

The cleric was in the country for a four-day programme, where many were healed and souls saved for God. The event started from April 10 to 15, 2018.

During his ministrations, a 27-year-old man blind from birth was touched by the man of God, receiving instant healing.

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Prophet Akinbodunse is the General Overseer of Freedom For All Nations Outreach (FANO).

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