5 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Accept Online Orders

Your restaurant might have full tables daily, but if you are yet to embrace online ordering, you are missing out on a whole lot of customers. You know that today’s fast-paced world means that many people are more likely to order their meals online. So, it is essential to accept online orders. You don’t have to own a food ordering website or mobile app, you can simply sign up to Jumia Food, Nigeria’s No. 1 food ordering platform, to start accepting orders. Well, if you are in doubt about the need to accept online orders, these reasons should convince you.

Expand your customer base and revenue

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Adding new channels to acquire customers would no doubt have an impact on your earnings. Customers who have never dined in your restaurant may decide to place an online order. Similarly, guests whose schedule doesn’t allow them to dine at a restaurant before closing now have the option of picking something up or having it delivered so they can enjoy your dishes at home.

Increase awareness for your business

When people are looking for information, the first place they will look is on the web. It is therefore, important that if someone is looking for your business they can find the information as soon as possible so that they won’t patronise your competitor. This won’t be possible if you don’t accept online orders.

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Gives you an edge over your competitor

If your restaurant is listed on Jumia Food, and your competitor is not, you are definitely way ahead of them and at the same time, it makes your restaurant stand out.


Reviews can make or mar any business. Since you do not want negative reviews for your restaurant, you want to maintain a high service standard. These favourable reviews will encourage other customers to order from your restaurant.

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Online food ordering is the future

Ordering food and other items is the future and soon, very few people will go to a physical restaurant to dine. They will just order their foods online and if you do not join the march now, you will be losing out big time. By then, your customer base would shrink and you will be forced to sign up to a food ordering platform to revive your restaurant!

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