Over 10,000 Believers Partake In Oyakhilome Day Of Giving

To commemorate the birthday of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, the President and Founder of Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated (BLW), believers all over the world celebrated The 2017 BLW International Day of Service on December 2, 2017.

The BLW International Day of Service is considered as a special day where members of Believers Loveworld would carry out acts of service in a celebration of the virtues of service and compassion which Pastor Chris Oyakhilome extols.

The various activities, conducted by communities in many African countries, such as Nigeria included fund raising, and distribution of food supplies, gifts, books and Christian materials in places like the Motherless Babies Homes, old people’s homes, Remand Homes and Prisons.

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Other projects the communities embarked upon included Health & Safety/hospital services, Education & School Activities, Child Care & Safety, community service, rehabilitation projects and other community-relevant activities.

The goal of the event was to bring a sense of fulfilment and joy that would come through giving and receiving service.

Those meaningful acts of kindness were also done to express the love and gratitude of the believers, in commemoration of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s birthday.

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The influential Nigerian Pastor has been heavily involved with the spiritual community of the world, gaining a large-scale following for the past 30 years.

His messages and gospel reach-outs, aimed at giving hope and changing lives have been distributed to millions of people, through television channels, online and offline services and numerous spiritual gatherings and events.

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