Open Letter To Honourable Hassan Anthony Saleh, Member Representing Ado/Ogbadibo/)kpokwu Federal Constituency

Dear Honourable,

I wish to congratulate you on your victory yesterday at the Apex court. The judgment is indeed a confirmation of the trust reposed in you by your constituents and it is our desire that you continue to give quality representation at the green chamber.

Certainly, the judicial tussle on who the authentic representative of our constituency at the lower house is, has been demanding but it is my prayers that you regain your momentum with more vitality within the shortest possible time to enable you further consolidate on the mandate given to you by our people.

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Overtime, you have distinguished yourself as a leader who has the interest of his people at heart and it is my earnests wish that you’ll rise above political tides to remain a bastion of hope for the Ene’One people of Benue State.

Honourable, I want to quickly use this medium to remind you that our constituency is plagued with dilapidated schools, health care centres and poor road networks. It is my prayers that you will focus on the legislative onus of giving your constituents a voice at the hallow chambers so that the dividends of democracy will reach the Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu people now that the royal rumble with the Mad Lion is over.

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Honourable, you will agree with me that your brother and contender, Chris Adaba Abah (Mad Lion), a public spirited Idoma son has been of immense contribution to the advancement of our people through his philanthropic gestures despite the fact that he is not a political office holder. Due to providence however, he has been stripped of future opportunities for political contests in our constituency; a verdict that pierces like a pin through the hearts of his sympathizers and supporters.

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As a leader Sir, it is expected that you’ll be magnanimous in victory. It will be in the collective interest of our constituents for you to extend the olive hand to Mad Lion and his fans because in the course of representing our people, you need the support of all and sundry.

It is with every sense of humility and respect that I write this letter through this medium and I hope that it will get to you.

Once again, Congratulations!

From your Constituent,

Comr. Omaga Elachi Daniel.

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