Gunmen Kidnap NAMA Staff In Bauchi

Some unknown gunmen have abducted an employee of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, Sanusi Garba Noma. He was abducted on Thursday morning in Bauchi by the kidnappers.

It was learnt that the hoodlums stormed a mosque Sanusi, 33, went to observe the early morning Islamic prayers, when he was kidnapped. The mosque is located around his father’s house.

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The unidentified gunmen entered the mosque just when the worshippers were carrying out the last lap of their prayers and told everyone to lie face down.

They reportedly asked for Sanusi’s father, Garba Noma, a well known politician and businessman in Bauchi, who was not around.

But when they (gunmen) were told Sanusi’s father was not around, they asked for his children and someone reportedly pointed at Sanusi and was quickly seized and taken away with them immediately.

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It could not be confirmed the motive behind the kidnap and and if any ransom has been requested for by the kidnappers.

Sanusi works at the Gombe International Airport.

Meanwhile, the police in Bauchi have confirmed the kidnap and have spread their tentacles around to rescue the victim.

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